Lake Ontario Loop

Lake Ontario Loop

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Picton, ON

We left Cobourg early and only had a choice of McDonalds or Tim Hortons for breakfast.  Not really a choice but it was the best we could do?  Canadians must not be breakfast eaters.  Before leaving town we cycled by their “historic” jail that was less historic and more a commercial tourist stop.  For a good part of the morning we cycled on country roads, only occasionally getting dumped on a 2-lane highway with a wide shoulder.  We passed several nature sanctuaries and stopped at the Keelers Memorial before arriving at our first town—Colborne.  The town had a town square and many businesses that looked like one of them should have been a restaurant.  We even asked several high school age kids if the town had a café and were asked in response, “what is a café?” 

As noon approached, Jeff made a quick right turn and headed down a dead end street towards a marina.  When Joe finally caught him, Jeff explained that he saw a small sign that a café was at the marina.  It was there, it was open, and the food was good.  The owner told us that she first opened the adjacent motel, then bought the marina, and just recently opened the café.

After lunch we continued along the lake before heading inland where we passed over the Murray Canal on a swing bridge.  This part of our day we were mostly on the highway but traffic was light.    We passed through the towns of Wellington and Bloomfield, 2 arts communities.  These towns had art studios, craft shops, galleries and quilt murals painted on many of their buildings.  We found that we were on the “arts” trail.  Besides cycling the Waterfront trail, we were on the wine trail until we reached Toronto.  Today, after we left Colborne we were on the apple trail and then another section of the wine trail.  No matter what your interest, Canada has a route marked for you to follow.

Our lodging in Picton is at the Merrill Inn, a place with more class than both of us put together.  Yesterday we tried making reservations at nearly a dozen local lodgings and found that they were all booked up.  The Merrill Inn had an opening, and by its price, it was no wonder.  After tonight, we will be sleeping at roadside shelters.

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